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Find a Club in Greater London (Divisions B/L/K)

Company Clubs

  • Leatherhead Toastmasters
  • Sytel Reply
  • ICF London Toastmasters
  • Speak Out
    A club for employees of Visa Europe
  • The Toastrack
    Hayes, Middlesex
  • Ofgem Speakers Club
  • J P Morgan First Class Speakers
  • Connected Speakers, Bromley
    A club for employees of BAML
  • R/GA London Toastmasters
  • TJXpressions
    A club for employees of TJ X Europe
  • Croxley Communicators
    From employees of GBST - visitors from other clubs are welcome. More info at
  • Loquacious Londoners
    For employees of Brown Brothers Harriman
  • Connected Speakers London
    For employees of Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • London Trustmasters
    For employees of Northern Trust
  • LBM Speakers
    A club for employees of the London Borough of Merton
  • Blackrock Speaks
  • Speakers' Corner
    Company club for McGraw Hill, meeting lunchtime at Canary Wharf.
  • Citi Criers
    For employees of Citibank only. Contact More info at
  • Speakeasy@Creditsuisse
    For employees of Credit Suisse only. Contact Roger Thomson for details.


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The Greater London Committees

  • Division B Director - Neil Coleman
    Areas: 6, 8, 9, 29, 45, 52, 53
  • Division K Director - Richard White
    Area: 31, 35, 58, 59
  • Division L Director - Barry Greenan
    Area: 33, 34, 47, 56, 61
  • Area 8 Director - Laurent Nicourt
    London Cardinals, London Victorians, Ofgem Speakers, Phoenix Speakers
  • Area 9 Director - Daniel Broadhead
    Berkeley Square Speakers, Excalibur Speakers, Experience French, Speak Out
  • Area 61 Director - Steve Brewer
    Croxley Communicators, Harrovian Speakers, HOD Speakers Club, TJXpressions, Watford Speakers
  • Area 6 Director - Ignatius de Bidegain
    London Corinthians, London Olympians,JP Morgan First Class Speakers, Sytel Reply Toastmasters
  • Area 29 Director - Jenny Betts
    London Athenians, Riverside Communicators, Trojans Speakers, West London Speakers, The Toastrack
  • Area 31 Director- Fahad Alturkait
    Canary Wharf Communicators Club , Russian English Speakers, Speakeasy @ Credit Suisse , Stratford London Toastmasters,WiBF Speakers - CW, Woodford Green Speakers
  • Area 33 Director - Florian Bay
    ACCA Members Breakfast Club, Connected Speakers London, Cass Toastmasters, ICF London Toastmasters, St Paul's Speakers
  • Area 34 Director - Jay Surti
    Bloomsbury Speakers, Clerkenwell Speakers, Holborn Speakers, R/GA London Toastmasters,Tube Talk
  • Area 35 Director - Samir Malak
    Bromley Speakers, Croydon Communicators, Connected Speakers Bromley, Purley Speakers, Speakers of Croydon
  • Area 45 Director - David Salomans
    City Limits Speakers, Covent Garden Speakers, Early Bird Speakers, Society Speakers
  • Area 47 Director - Dudley Flynn
    Angel Speakers, LBS Public Speaking Club, London Communicators, Northern Lights
  • Area 52 Director - Julia Kettlewell
    104 London Debaters, Grosvenor Square Speakers, Imperial College Speakers, Kings Speakers, Polish your Polish
  • Area 53 Director - Penny Williams
    Epsom Speakers, LBM Speakers, Leatherhead Speakers, Mole Valley Speakers, Surbiton Speakers
  • Area 56 Director - George Chiesa
    Blackrock Speaks, Loquacious Londoners (BBH), NZICA Bank Speakers, WiBF Speakers Club - City
  • Area 58 Director - Francesca Coronin
    1st London Toastmasters, Broadgate Speakers, City of London Toastmasters, London Public Speakers, MLP London Bridge Speakers, PMI UK Toastmasters Club
  • Area 59 Director - William Hagerup
    Citi Criers, Lewisham Speakers Club, London Trustmasters, Meridian Speakers, Speakers Corner

Other Nearby Clubs

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